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The following events are scheduled as follows:

Please CALL  PHONE NUMBER  listed for each event for more information.

July 25-28—Shoal Creek FHA 2018 Annual Field Trial & Bench Show, 5/12 miles south of Hillsboro, Il. Diane Leitschuh 217-456-7010.

July 25-28—Santee Lakes Puppy Hunt 2 Day Masters GTP15 & Bench Show, Foreston, SC. Small Pen Bobby Jo 843-513-8029.

July 28—R-12 All Age Speed & Drive, Sandy Ridge Fox Preserve, LaGrange, NC. Clint Cooke 919-252-4766.

Aug. 10-12—Massachusetts State One Class 3 Day Trial & Bench Show, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Bumpass, Va. Gail Goodman 540-872-5553.

Aug. 10-12—Quinte FHA Field Trial & Bench Show at Seeley's Bay, Ont, Kenny Thompson 613-453-0630.

Aug. 11—Jennings Ordinary Speed & Drive, at Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Emporia, Va. W. C. Easter 804-363-0003.

Aug. 11—Tomahawk Foxhunters "Tonnage" Speed & Drive Challenge, One Class, Will Tanner 843-558-2973 (H) or 843-382-7381 (M).

Aug. 22-25—New Central Foxhunters Association 3 Day Field Trial & Bench Show, Headquarters Belmont Community Center, Mineral, Va. Missy Windsor 240-416-3751.

Aug. 24-26—Meherrin River 3 Day Hunt, Joe Lewis Fox Pen, Lawrenceville, Va. Crystal 434-262-6177.

Aug. 28—2nd Annual Tri-Lakes Hunting Dog Association 1 Day Derby & All Age, Ms. Fox Hunting Preserve, Grenada, Ms. Deana Gray 662-417-8201.

Sept. 1-2—Mid Atlantic 2 Day Derby HGA Field Trial & Bench Show, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Jarratt, Va. Dustin Morris 804-691-1686.

Sept. 1-2—Virginia Carolina Classic at Tar River Fox Preserve, Creedmoor, NC, Robin Barefoot 919-820-3405.

Sept. 5-8—107th Running of the Kentucky State FHA Inc. 3 Day Field Trial & Bench Show, Clay Wildlife Management Area, Carlisle, Ky. Dave Black 859-384-1685 (h) or 859-547-6524 (c).

Sept. 5-8—North Georgia FHA Three Day Field Trial & Bench Show, United Fox Pen, Swainsboro, Ga. Billy Clark 404-372-2112.

Sept. 7-9—Wolfe Island FHA Annual HGA Field Trial, Kent Massey 613-831-2700.

Sept. 11-14—73rd Annual United States Open Field Trial, Beaverdam, Va. (Outside not in a pen), questions: Corbin Gallagher, Pres., 804-840-7063 (c).

Sept. 12-15—Grenada Lake FHA 3 Day Field Trial & Bench Show, Grenada, Ms. Alex Hall 662-414-1891.

Sept. 14-15—Southern Classic Open Bench Show & 1 Day HGA, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Emporia, Va. Stacie Hylton 804-514-6989.

Sept. 21-23—East Cost FHA 3 Day Trial, at Joe Lewis Fox Pen, Lawrenceville, Va. Josh Mull 434-917-2837.

Sept. 26-29—International Association Of Women FH Derby/All Age Hunt, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Harrisville, Ms. Jennifer Howard 601-405-6656.

Sept. 27-30—Canadian Running Hound Classic Annual Field Trial & Bench Show, at Mallen's Pen, Seeley's Bay, Ont, Can. Darryl Wood 613-473-5339.

Oct. 3-6—North Carolina State FHA Bench Show & Field Trial, Low Country Fox Preserve, Manning, SC. (Little Foreston Pen), Jeff Brinchek, 919-284-1135.

Oct. 3-6—Virginia FHA Annual Field Trial & Bench Show, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Emporia, Va. Sandra Chatham 804-883-6858.

Oct. 24-27—69th Trigg National Field Trial & Bench Show, Calhoun, Il. Pete Peck 608-592-4505 or 608-235-5463 (c).

Deep Bottom Fox Pen Puppy Dates,

Wallace, NC

July 21st for Aug pups

Aug. 18th for (Age TBA)

Kevin Cole 910-271-0035 or 910-282-7437.



Calhoun, IL

Paradise Hills Fox Pen

August 11

Steve Kincade 618-843-2430.


C&M Fox Preserve, Chadbourn, NC

Aug. 11th, Sept. 8th

Lonnie Ward 910-234-0669

Foxhounds Paradise Puppy Hunts

Beaulaville, NC

Aug. 11

Gene Whaley 910-290-1005.

Hotrod Fox Preserve Puppy Hunts

Mt. Olive, NC

July 28, Aug. 25

Brian Griffin 910-289-6331.

Bay City Fox Preserve Hunts,

Aug. 4th

Bert Hill 252-945-7133.

Joe Lewis Speed & Drive Hunts,

Lawrenceville, Va.

July 21-Puppy/Derby Shootout 2 Class 4 hour S&D Crystal 434-262-6177.

Aug. 4-Pine Top HGA Hunt, Crystal 434-262-6177.

Aug. 11-Dog Alliance Hunt 4 Hour S&D Crystal 434-262-6177.

Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve,

Jarratt, Va.

Aug. 4-Relay for Life 1 DayS&D, Peyton Lucy 434-594-8538.

Aug. 25-Benefit for Bentley Garter 1 Day S&D, Ashley Easter 804-394-0694.

Tomahawk Summer 1 Day S&D Field Trial,

July 28-Southern Cross Classic, Kyle Floyd 843-687-8018.

Aug. 25-Maryville P.H. Church Building Hope Missions Team, Ken Avant 843-240-7188.

K&N Fox Preserve Puppy & Buddy Hunts,

Deep Run, NC.

July 21st-Buddy, Nelson Smith 252-560-2040.

Aug. 4th-Regular Puppy Hunt, Nelson Smith 252-560-2040.

Flower Hill Fox Preserve Puppy Hunts,

Middlesex, NC.

Aug. 11th, Sept. 8th

Bill Howell 919-980-1127.














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