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Calendar Dates

The following events are scheduled as follows:

Please CALL PHONE NUMBER listed for each event for more information or any

Cancellations due to Covid19.  Dates below will only be noted as cancelled if we are informed of the cancellation.


June 12 & July 10—OLD DOMINION FHA 1 DAY S&D TWO HUNTS - SAME BOOK, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Emporia, Va. For Numbers call Ryan Carden 804-381-1391 call between 6:00pm - 9:30pm.

July 1-4—NORTH CAROLINA OPEN, Tar River Fox Preserve, Creedmoor, NC. Numbers begin June 1 at 6pm, call James Ray 919-210-0186.

July 1-4—BLACKWATER FOX HUNT, 57th ANNUAL BENCH SHOW & FIELD TRIAL, Blackwater State Forest, Santa Rosa County, Fl. Book Opens May 10th Contact Kayla Wilson 850-207-3792 (texting preferred). Campsite information call Sky Scott 850-272-1983.

July 7-10—122nd ANNUAL OSMON FHA FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Berryville, Il. Call Jason Slunaker 618-839-3873.

July 14-17—MISSISSIPPI OPEN HGA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Harrisville, Ms. Call Rusty Walton, Secy. 601-416-5744.

July 16-17—SANTEE LAKES OPEN 2 DAY ONE CLASS HUNT, Derby Hunt Born July of 2019, Call 803-473-3086.

July 17—6th ANNUAL KENTUCKY INTERNATIONAL OPEN BENCH SHOW & ONE DAY 2 CLASS S&D, Twin Oaks Fox Preserve, Liberty, Ky. Call Merl Hogue (606) 706-1741.

July 28-31—SHOAL CREEK FHA ANNUAL FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Located 5 1/2 miles south of Hillsboro, Illinois on Route 127. Call Secy. Bailey Leitschuh 618-830-0272 (text or call).Sept. 8-11—SALINE COUNTY FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL, T&T Fox Pen, Grapevine, Ar. Jimmy Wright 501-778-7781.

Aug. 14—THE CHASE CLASSIC BENCH SHOW, Vice Community Center, Carlisle, Ky, Contact The Chase office at 859-254-4262 for additional information.

Sept. 4-6—EAST COAST CLASSIC FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Call Richard Wallace 434-390-6629 Entries must be postmarked no earlier than August 2nd and no later than Aug. 18th.

Sept. 4-6—VIRGINIA-CAROLINA CLASSIC, Tar River Fox Preserve, Creedmoor, NC, Numbers begin Aug. 2nd at 6pm, Call James Ray at 919-210-0186.

Sept. 8-11—KENTUCKY STATE FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Clay Wildlife Management Area, David Black 859-384-1685 (h) or 859-547-6524 (c).

Sept. 9-11—ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI, TENNESSEE CLASSIC 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Harrisville, Ms, Ronnie McMillan 601-506-3652.

Sept. 18—SOUTHERN CLASSIC OPEN, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Counts for Test of the Best & Poole's Point Series), For numbers contact Stacie Hylton 804-514-6989 Call between 6:00pm - 10:00pm, Book will open Aug. 23, 2021.

Sept. 30-Oct. 2—FRED PEAVEY MEMORIAL 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Harrisville, Ms, Ronnie McMillan 601-506-3652.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3—100th VIRGINIA STATE FOXHUNTERS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Poole's Fox Hound Training Preserve, Sandra Chatham (804) 883-6858.

Oct. 13-16—TRIGG NATIONAL 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL, Twin Oaks Preserve, Liberty, Ky. Pres. VanCamp 315-573-1599. 

Nov. 26-27—ROLLING HILLS 2 DAY DERBY, Rolling Hills Fox Pen, Harrisville, Ms, Frank Adams 601-826-7834 after 6:00pm.


July 24, Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance 1 Day S&D, Todd Miller (804) 296-5826.

Aug. 7, Power Line Hunt Club 1 Day S&D, Huntley Wright, (919) 495-3909.

Aug. 14, Jennings Ordinary Hunt Club 1 Day S&D, Audrey Roberts (434) 294-5041.

Aug. 21, Rowanta Hunt Club 1 Day S&D, Billy Whitmore (804) 920-1975.

TOMAHAWK FOX PEN (Summer Field Trials)

July 10th, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Derby & All Age S&D, Ken Avant 843-240-7188 starting  June 26th between 5:00pm - 9:00pm.

July 24th, Choppee Hunting Club, Fun in the Sun Hunt, 2 Class S&D, Wyatt Cameron (843) 241-8067.

TWIN OAKS FOX PRESERVE, Liberty, KY, Puppy (12 months & Under) & Derby Class

July 3, Call Merl Hogue 606-706-1741.

JJ'S FOX PRESERVE, Pink Hill, NC, Puppy Hunts

July 10, Aug. 14,  Jesse Jarman 252-560-6870.