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Started in 1920, The Chase Publishing Co., Inc. has been in the business of promoting foxhunting and improving the breeding of foxhounds. Subscribe to The Chase and read our field trial results, current stories of interest to the sport and classic hunting adventures from the past. We release 11 issues per year (December and January is a combined issue.) There is also a listing of hounds registered, litter enrolled or transferred during the month. We now have kennel registrations.

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June 2018  issue mailing date: June 5, 2018


2018 Marks the 10th Anniversary for

"Test of the Best"

In celebration, the 2018 "Test of the Best" contest will have an additional bonus payout
for both the Puppy and 1-Day categories!

The breakdown for both the Puppy and 1-Day Divisions are as follows:

1st place $1,500.00 purse with a $5,000.00 bonus = $6,500.00 total payout
2nd place $1,000.00 purse with a $500.00 bonus = $1,500.00 total payout
3rd place $500.00 purse with a $500.00 bonus = $1,000.00 total payout
4th place $300.00 purse with a $500.00 bonus = $800.00 total payout
5th place $200.00 purse with a $500.00 bonus = $700.00 total payout

Next year's (2018) "Test of the Best" Contest will be exciting
well as very competitive. Prepare your hounds now and join us
honor of one of the greatest competitions in showcasing the
"Best of the Best"

Correct ad listed below for the Dismal Swamp ad appearing in the June issue of The Chase.

Dismal Swamp Foxhunters Association

Annual 3-Day Field Trial and Bench Show

June 14-17, 2018

National Affiliated

Poole's Fox Preserve   Doodlum, VA

Derby and All Age run together, scored separately

Breakfast and Lunch available @ the pen

Master Of Hounds ~ Bill McGee    Bench Show Judge ~ TC Foster

Entry Fee $60.00                               Membership Fee $15.00

Registration begins June 14th 5-11 pm - no entries day of cast

Hounds Cast @ Daylight June 15th, 16th, 17th

Bench Show June 15th @ 7:00 pm

Child Handling Class

To Reserve numbers (Beginning May 6th @ 12:00) or for more information please call:

Kyle Mabie (804) 712-4975 (please call prior to 9 pm)

Motel Rooms Available: Best Western, Emporia, Va (434) 634-3200

   Michael Gordon                  James Booker                Noel Mabie

       President                           Vice President                Sec/Treasurer

                                   (757) 377-7918                   (434) 942-3067             (804) 720-1622                          

Foxes running - Improve your foxhunting and find a purebred fox hound with pedigree papers with the help of Chase Publishing Company. Contact us in Lexington, Kentucky, for more details.

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